My philosophy

As a helper & healer, I abide by these principles:


We belong to our bodies & our bodies belong to us. In feeling, sensing, moving, expressing & being still, we can claim our innate freedom. Explore what freedom means through touch & communication, opening a world of exciting mystery & revelation. Learn how to face the fears that live in your body & explore new horizons.


From the beginning, my heart is open to learning new things with each person I serve. I\’ve been called to this work because of my unique ability to connect deeply with others. We are people brought together on an amazing journey of discovery. I view people with grace and fairness, treating everyone equally, discreetly & with lovingkindness.


I believe true heartfelt honesty is the key to positive relations. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words & the confidence to use them. Learning how to converse around intimate matters is a skill that can be developed with patience & consciousness. With guided touch and energy exchange, you\’ll learn how to be a confident communicator.


Touch is the most nurturing way for us to gain trust, feel safe, relax and be comfortable in our bodies. Without physical connection, we fail to thrive. Touch is the most basic language. Learn how to receive & accept touch while asking for the kind of touch you desire most. Let your body guide you, in a safe & permissive space.

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My Sessions

Fun, relaxing & stimulating, I provide therapeutic touch experiences that involve the entire body. Expect to feel rejuvenated, blissful & mentally stimulated.
There is a creative sensual world inside you just waiting to be discovered.

Sometimes the word "sensual" can conjure interesting feelings. But those same sensations in your body are also the ones the turn you on! Learn more about your sensual & sexual preferences, your shadow side, your ability to give & take, accept & receive. Sensuality is a fun world for adults to explore with their minds, spirits and bodies! The key is relaxed communication, which involves unconditional acceptance & care. Sessions can involve touch, talk, energy work & even sometimes tarot readings! Learn more about Soul Touch ...

  • Slow Touch Therapy

    Is your body locked up? Do you have trouble accepting touch? Let's explore that slowly & safely. Feel out your body's boundaries.

  • Full body massage

    A stimulating, rejuvenating experience with guidance on how to express your preferences safely.

  • three's no crowd

    Allow a witness into the intimate life of you & a partner, bringing awareness, communication, fun & empowerment.

  • tantric healing

    Use the richness of colour & metaphor to remove blockages in your body, mind & spirit. A slow massage with energy work.

My Favourite Things

My sensuality includes expression in lots of diverse ways. Here are some of my interests and hobbies.
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Making Art

My curiosity leads me everywhere! I love shapes, textures, found objects & beautiful lights or colours & my fascination is evident in all my work. I draw, paint, make mobiles & light-catchers.
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Singing alone & with others is a big part of my life. I play a few instruments & write songs, as well as making funky covers of modern & classic songs. Sometimes you can find me busking in choice locations!
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Very often you can find me hiding out in the woods or exploring by the ocean. Nature is the most important way that I connect with myself & the world. Animals, smells, water, woodsmoke & the sky ground me.
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Creative Writing

Stories, poems, rhymes, these are how I engage my thoughts and connect to what I am learning in life. Words are my favourite medium and my solace whether life is joyful, serene or chaotic.

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