Our philosophy

As helpers & guides, we abide by these principles:


We belong to our bodies & our bodies belong to us. In feeling, sensing, moving, expressing & being still, we can claim our innate freedom. Explore what freedom means through touch & communication, opening a world of exciting mystery & revelation. Learn how to face the fears that live in your body & explore new horizons.


From the beginning, our hearts are open to learning new things with each person we serve. We’ve been called to this work because of our desire to serve and connect deeply with others. We are people brought together on an amazing journey of discovery. We view people with grace and fairness, treating everyone equally, discreetly & with lovingkindness.


We believe true heartfelt honesty is the key to positive relations. Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words & the confidence to use them. Learning how to converse around intimate matters is a skill that can be developed with patience & consciousness. With guided touch and energy exchange, we’ll help you learn how to be a confident communicator.


Touch is the most nurturing way for us to gain trust, feel safe, relax and be comfortable in our bodies. Without physical connection, we fail to thrive. Touch is the most basic language. Learn how to receive & accept touch while asking for the kind of touch you desire most. Let your body guide you, in a safe & permissive space.

Gain more insight on your own physical and emotional reality. Develop your ability to connect with yourself and with others.

Our Sessions

Fun, relaxing & stimulating, we provide therapeutic experiences for singles, couples & groups. Expect to feel enlightened, challenged, comforted & rejuvenated.
There is a creative somatic world inside you just waiting to be discovered.

The sensations in your body offer information about your mind & spirit. Learn about your personal boundaries & limitations, your preferences, your shadow side, your ability to give & take, accept & receive. Sessions and workshops can include talk & discussion, role play exercises, touch, energy work & guided breathing. Learn more about Soul Touch by exploring our Services Menu!

  • Individual Somatic Work

    Do you have trouble connecting your body with your feelings? Discover more about your somatic connection.

  • Couples Somatic Work

    Using role play, breathwork and coaching, we help partners connect with each other in deeper, more meaningful ways.

  • 4 Hands Massage

    In this special bodywork session, you will enjoy the blissful experience of 4 hands massaging and relaxing you, honouring your needs & preferences.

  • Workshops

    Group experiences help you get in touch with yourself and practice working with others to develop your somatic senses.

Change your life with a Somatic Coaching Session!

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