Soul Touch

Soul Touch

Somatic & Spiritual Therapy

Welcome here.

When will you begin to tell the truth?

I am like you. I walk around with my personality housed inside my body. I feel my history within me, affecting the ways I navigate my current life.

I’ve been in deep relationships, some now broken. I’m divorced, I’ve cheated and been cheated on. I’ve tried numerous things and failed. I’ve been depressed and anxious, also joyously proud and ecstatic.

With all this personal experience and 20 years of professional training in massage & bodywork, chakra healing, meditation & yoga, sexological and erotic bodywork, and counselling therapy, I offer an array of therapies (online and in-person) to help you invite attuned embodiment, healing, awareness and expression into your life.

My approach is somatic, meaning body-based.

Together we listen to your body’s way of communicating, in order to to connect with your spirit, mind and emotions to bring deeper healing.


I want to hear from you!

Tell me how you’d like to explore your mind, body, spirit connection?

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In-person sessions are offered by appointment only at my beautiful studio at 550-2950 Douglas St, Victoria BC.

Online sessions are worldwide!

Mondays 9am – 5pm

Wednesdays 12pm -6pm

Thursdays 1pm – 8pm

Fridays 9am – 12pm

Saturdays 12pm – 5pm

. . . and more appointments available upon request, please inquire.

Penelope Hagan


Phone or text: 250.532.2122