Soul Touch


Penelope Hagan

The purpose of my work is to help enhance the connection between body and spirit. I believe that the fullest expression of our selves is deeply intertwined with our awareness and understanding of ourselves. It is my aim to gently guide your mind and body into a deeper experience of your own spirit.

Touching, being touched, dancing, sounding and emoting are ways that we find embodiment.

Sadly, these ways of experiencing play and passion are often overlooked in our life scheme of working, householding, caring for family members and being entertained.

To become present to yourself, it is important to stop, feel and listen.

I am here to help those who wish to ease their anxiety and rigidity through re-learning and adopting a renewed relationship to their body.

A tarot reader and shamanic practitioner for over 20 years, I am trained in Thai massage, relaxation bodywork, yoga, meditation and Sexological Bodywork. I bring a combination of all these skills to my work, which I offer through hands-on touch as well as online.

Aside from my work in touch healing and spiritual guidance, I love being a creative writer, artist & musician, and I spend a lot of time outside walking, beach combing, and camping.

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