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Client Testimonials

“I went to see Penelope because I had been through 20 years of very difficult family illness during which I had to remain strong as a caregiver. I had never allowed myself to fully grieve over the difficult situations I had witnessed. This was going to be an opportunity to cry for my own healing! She prayed at the first of the session to ancestors and spirits to bring healing. I also called on my favourite healing forces. Then she opened a jar of water and explained that all this grief was to be encouraged to go into the jar which I later would pour into the ocean. Penelope offered to do ordinary massage and spend time working over my heart while I recalled a number of shocking incidents I had experienced as a caregiver. During the session I was encouraged to cry and make as much noise as I wanted. I cried and cried and was able to remember deeply shocking events that I had not remembered for many years. We would stop periodically and I enjoyed basking in the bliss of release of deep sorrow. Finally I felt sa$sfied that I had cried away my deepest sorrows. Penelope then ended with a healing prayer. It was a wonderful session that left me feeling really positive about life. I will be back for a few more crying sessions until all this sadness is washed away. I went to the ocean last night and poured the jar of water into the ocean. It was so good ... Penelope is very good a ritual healing as well as bodywork healing and I would recommend her work to anyone who needs to shed grief and move on with life! I highly recommend Penelope for her deep spiritual healing therapies which includes various types of bodywork, ritual healing, talking therapies and sexual healing."
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“I have met with Penelope for approximately 8-10 sessions and it is no exaggeration to say the results have been life-changing. Years of sexual trauma led to my shunning all touch, all closeness, and isolating myself inside my home for years. When these fears and shame got in the way of even receiving necessary medical care, that was when I contacted Penelope to ask for her help. Always, she was very patient and respectful towards my limits. Over time those limits grew as I was shown how to establish boundaries I had never been permitted to have before, how to find safety within my own body and space, and how touch or proximity can be positive rather than threatening. The studio became a safe space where my courage was able to develop, eventually growing large enough to be able to challenge those stubborn old fears and beliefs. As I now step out of isolation and back into the world, I know I wouldn't have reached this next chapter of my life on my own. Penelope is a remarkable, insightful, creative, caring, genuine individual doing this work for all the right reasons. For what she has done for me I will be forever grateful.”
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“Penelope has an amazing blend of heart, wisdom, touch, and intuition. I would highly recommend her work.”
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In-person sessions are offered at my beautiful studio in Victoria BC
415-620 View Street

Online sessions are offered worldwide on a variable schedule, please ask!
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